Mistakes cost Hull

Mistakes cost Hull

ESFA Champions Cup group game.

Hull vs Rotherham
Captain: S. Hutchinson

Video: Goal highlights.

Missing key players due to injuries. Hull had hoped to bounce back after last week’s close league defeat. Quickly, we realised how big, strong, and physical this Rotherham side were. Towering over many of the smaller Hull boys.

Hull were pinned back pretty early on. We squashed all the early Rotherham attacks with some good solid defending. With Hunter between the sticks, it all looked safe.

Hull were slow with pushing their defensive line out. This only invited Rotherham to apply pressure deep into our own half. It was on the 20 minute mark when Rotherham finally found a way through after a misplaced Hull pass. Using their strength, they muscled past and slotted the ball home. 1-0 Rotherham.

The next 10 minutes we continued to be slow moving out. Uncharacteristically, a ball slipped through for an easy Rotherham goal. Perhaps due to the continued pressure being applied upon the lads. Rotherham 2-0.

After a slow start, Hull got moving. The 1-2’s came. The fast, skillful, light footwork started making an appearance. A quite obvious freekick wasn’t given as Hull danced their way around the Rotherham penalty area. Frustrating, sometimes you need a bit of luck on your side. Half time blew.

The 2nd half saw Hull see much more of the ball, playing with more confidence. Playing higher up the pitch.

Our only goal of the match came on the 52nd minute. With Lucas being introduced just moments before. He found himself on the end of an inch perfect through ball from C Hatton, side footing the ball towards the far post. Hull 1, Rotherham 2.

Hull had fire in their belly now. They had this game. Every single lad became more vocal, we were more dangerous going forward. Sadly, it was a little too late as we couldn’t find a way through the well drilled, composed, strong Rotherham defense.

Rotherham scored their 3rd in the dying seconds of the game.
Rotherham, a good, strong, footballing side who should do well this season.

See you soon in the league!

Final Result: Hull 1 – 3 Rotherham

Wishing Foston a speedy recovery after he broke his shoulder playing football the day after.

Special thanks to Danny Clark @ East Riding Futsal Club for loaning us his Veo camera.

Thanks to PBS Construction for sponsoring us!

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