Hull beat themselves

Hull beat themselves

Hull beat themselves

What we thought would be a nice sunny morning, turned out to be cold, wet, and windy.
An injury hit week, again(?).

The boys started really well. Working together as a team. Everyone starting on the right foot. Showing great intensity in every area of the pitch.

Hull took an early lead on the 10 min mark. Goaten putting back in a deep cross in from his LWB position today, saw the keeper catch it – only for it to slip threw his hands into his net. A fortunate goal, but one deserved given the positive way Hull began, but everyone felt for the keeper.

Minutes later we saw Onoh drive through midfield using his strength, beating a couple of Leeds players, laying off a little pass to Bellis, who lobbed the Leeds keeper from the edge of the area. Hull 2-0! We’re flying. Great passes. Laughs on the pitch. Things are going well.

Shortly after, it ended. The boys expect perfection all the time. This simply won’t happen. Despite being in a comfortable position, 2-0 up, the boys began to get at each other. Half time came. Winning 2-0 against a good Leeds side. Yet, the boys aren’t happy. Not a single smile.

The 2nd half started how the first half ended. The boys simply weren’t team mates. No sugar coating it. A 2-0 lead vanished.

After some great saves and a bloody nose from Hunter. A short stint in goal for Bellis. A great bicycyle kick that hit the bar from Jalloh, We lost 4-2.

Leeds did great to come back and score 4. Great mentality. A good side. But, Hull gifted that win to Leeds. Faltered by their own attitudes.

Respect to the Hull boys. They saw how things had unfolded, made amends with each other. A harsh lesson, but one we hope they’ll learn from.

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